Wedding Trends I Hope Stay

Wedding trends come and go like the wind. Sometimes, wedding trends are good and sometimes they are really, really bad.  For example, do you remember when candy buffets were the big thing. It was like we hit the Halloween jackpot when we attended a wedding with this. Or what about the signage that suggest the groom doesn’t want to get married? I always cringe a bit when I see these. Anyways, we could probably discuss these forever, but right now I want to talk about some wedding trends that I hope stay for a little while.

First Look.

A first look is simply when you chose to see each other before the ceremony. As a wedding coordinator, I think it is one of the best things you can do logistically for your wedding day. You won’t have those nerves for the rest of the day and your photographer will thank you greatly because it will leave more time for pictures. Plus, it’s super real and raw. It allows you to have uninterrupted time with your future spouse before the ceremony. Your wedding day will go by so fast and before you know it, you’ve had hardly any time to spend with each other. Having a first look allows you to have this time and will leave you with moments you will never forget.

Spiritual Ceremonies.

There is nothing I love more than a heart felt ceremony. I love when a bride and groom truly take the time to think about what they want in their ceremony. This is the start of their forever and seeing how one chooses to celebrate that is important. Many couples are including their favorite worship songs to have at their ceremony. They invite their guests to sing and worship with them in this joyous moment. Some are deciding to do a foot washing ceremony in which the bride and groom chose to serve each other as their first act as husband and wife.

Loose Bridal Bouquets.

I love how bouquets look nowadays. There is something so beautiful about a bridal bouquet that is cascading with wonderful greens, buds, and other floral elements. Not to mention these bouquets make a killer statement when the bride is carrying it throughout her wedding day.

Prayer with your bridal party.

What’s not to love about your closest friends and family building you up in prayer before you embark on one of the greatest journey’s of your life. I have been apart of a ton of bridal party prayer circles and they are some of the best memories I take away from a wedding day. These prayers are genuine and raw and truly show how much each person means to the bride and groom.


All of these photos are from Janie & Aaron's wedding at the Engine Room in Monroe, GA. See below for vendors.

Wedding Photographer: Karli Ryan Photo

Wedding Coordinator: Blush & Crew

Wedding Videographer: CL Money Films

Venue: The Engine Room

Wedding Dress: BHLDN

Hair & Makeup: Cucumber & Mint