The top question I get asked the most is what advice I have for someone planning their wedding! Sometimes this is with my current brides that I am in the middle of planning their wedding with, in the grocery store when someone finds out I am a wedding planner, or with a high school best friend who just got engaged! So, I decided to share some of my favorite wedding planning tips for all the future bride and grooms out there!

- Decide what is important. Sit down with your fiance and talk about your wedding day. So often after you get engaged, it’s easy to jump to the vendors, bridesmaid-posals, food, venues, etc. But do yourself a favor and sit down with your person and talk about your wedding day and what you want it to look like. What do you want the atmosphere to be like, what people do you want there, what do you want it to look like, and what vendors are important to you. You will thank me later :)

- Guest list. Guest list. Guest list. Now that you have decided what you want your big day to look like - grab a piece of paper and a pen and start that guest list. Finalize it and don’t budge. (TIP: A majority of your money spent will be on food/drink that is priced at per person. The more people you have at your wedding, the more you will spend!)

- Budget. Everyone’s favorite part. Your budget is a crucial part of your wedding day. Without money, your wedding day doesn’t happen. Blunt, but very true. In our area, the average wedding costs approximately $22,000 - $28,000. My very best advice is to sit down with the people that are taking care of the bill and ask what the bottom number is. Whether that be the parents, grandparents, yourself, etc. figure out that final bottom line number and STICK TO IT. You CAN do this!


Don’t DIY everything. While a DIY project may seem like it will save you tons of money and be fun, don’t get sucked into this! Couples during the planning process are typically more stressed than normal, and having to worry about arranging your own flowers, baking your own cake, or putting together 200 favors doesn’t help. Leave it up to the professionals for these certain areas. You will be able to save time now and not have to worry about those things the weeks and days leading up to your wedding!

- You CAN save money! While it may not be the smartest to DIY everything, there are some ways you can save money! If I am working with a budget conscious bride, I always give a couple of different tips to help them save some money!

Recycle your flowers. It is perfectly okay to recycle some of your florals that are used during the ceremony. Bridesmaids bouquets are often used as centerpiece arrangements for the reception. Aisle markers and other greenery can also be recycled for the reception.

Use your portraits or engagements as your trial. We are in the day and age where professional hair and makeup is a must. Some artists don’t always provide a complimentary hair and makeup trial. If they don’t, use your engagement photos or bridal portraits as your trial. This will save you a little bit of money and kill two birds with one stone!

Pick a venue that is “pretty-much” all inclusive.  What I mean by all inclusive is that they provide the food, chairs, tables, linens, flatware, dinnerware, etc. While it’s perfectly okay to outsource all of that, finding a venue that provides those materials is huge! It will save you time by not having to search for multiple vendors and save you money by going through one place!

IF, I had to add a 6th item this list, it would be to hire someone to help on the day of! Specifically, a day of coordinator or wedding planner! Having a point person on your wedding day is crucial. A great wedding coordinator will be the point of contact for your vendors, make sure everything is set up, keep you on time, and put out any fires that “may” happen on your wedding day! They will save you, your fiance, and parents from so much un-needed stress.

If you have any other questions about planning a wedding or need advice on design, budget, timelines - contact us to book an “hourly.” Hourlies are our term for wedding consulting by the hour.

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